Apply for a grant for foreign placements through Erasmus+

This guide will give you step by step help with your grant application for foreign placements through Erasmus+.

Before you start with your application, make sure that you are eligible. The entry requirements can be found on the page on foreign placement.

1. Find a placement

Before you can apply for the grant, you need to find a placement. The placement must be located within the EU or in a region outside Europe belonging to an EU country.

Your placement needs to appoint a contact person whom you later name in your application.

Your placement must also be approved by your director of studies or course coordinator in order to be credited in your education.

2. Download study and registration certificates

You must attach study and registration certificates to your application. You can download the certificates yourself from Ladok.

3. Submit the application

Once you have secured a placement, fill in and submit the application form Word, 35.8 kB.. You must attach the following to your application: CV, study and registration certificates.

Send the completed form and attachments to:

FUS/Carin Jutterström
Box 278 05
115 93 Stockholm

4. If your application is granted

If your application is granted, the Swedish Defence University will sign a grant agreement with you.

You must also sign an agreement known as a Higher Education Learning Agreement for Traineeships where you, your placement organisation and the Swedish Defence University agree on what the placement shall contain.

5. Language tests

In connection with the placement, you must do two language tests: one before and one after the placement.

If needed, you will be offered a language course online after the first test.

6. After the placement

To get the second part of the grant, after the placement you must:

  • Fill in a digital evaluation report (EU Survey)
  • Submit a certificate confirming your placement period (traineeship certificate)