New student

Welcome as a new student at the Swedish Defence University! Here is everything you need to know and do now.

During the time between the admission decision and the start of the study, there are a few things you need to do. In order not to miss any important preparations, you can take the help of the checklist below.

Checklist for starting your studies

The admission results are published on in March/April or July for Autumn semester studies (depending on what you have applied for) and December for spring semester studies. If you have been admitted, or waitlisted in selection 1, you need to accept the offer to keep your place. Please see for more information.

Conditionally admitted

You need to accept your place even if you have been conditionally admitted. Being conditionally admitted means that you must meet the condition before you can register for the course. Please contact as soon as you have fulfilled the condition, in order to register for the course.

Waiting list admission

After the regular registration period has closed, the Swedish Defence University will begin admitting those on the waiting list, to the courses that have not been filled. For the autumn semester's courses, admission from the waiting list will take place during week 34. For the spring semester's courses, admission from the waiting list will take place during week 2.

If you have been waitlisted and received a new admission letter and email with an offer from the Swedish Defence University, you must register to keep your place on the course. Information on how to register can be found under the third item "Register".

As confirmation of your registration, you will receive an email from our IT department with information on how to activate your FHS account. The email will be sent to the email address specified in Ladok.

We only contact those waitlisted by email. Remember to also check your spam. The Swedish Defence University does not have a roll-call on campus to where you can come to take a place to study.

Key dates and deadlines

A successful admissions process depends a lot on meeting deadlines. Find out all the important dates for your application to courses and programmes in Sweden.

For students accepted to an International Masters program, different conditions apply. Please refer to the welcome letter that is sent out in the beginning of April.

If your status requires that you pay tuition fees. You will receive an invoice with payment details and a reference number from SEDU. Please do not transfer any money before you receive this invoice.

Registration is compulsory, and is required in order for you to keep your place, and to ensure that your studies can be documented.

The following registration times apply to those admitted to the autumn semester 2024;

  • For courses that start in week 36-44, registration is open from August 19 to August 25.
  • For courses starting from week 45 onwards, registration is open from October 21 to October 27.

For all International students, without a Swedish personal ID number, we will assist you with this process. If you do not have a Swedish personal ID number SEDU needs to make the registration for you. Please let us know, by emailing

When the regular registration period is closed, the registration period opens for those that have been waitlisted.

Once you have registered, a student account (SEDU account) is automatically created. This account is used to log in to different services such as your email, student platform and library website.

Instructions by email

If you do not have a Swedish Bank-ID, please send in the following documents to

  • a valid passport photo scan including passport details
  • a valid mobile phone number to you (does not have to be a Swedish number)
  • a household bill with your name and address visibly attached (could be a mobile phone bill, electricity bill or similar).

Once we have these documents, we will send it to the IT Office in order to create your SEDU university account. Our IT Office will send you information about how to activate your account. You can still register without the SEDU university account, see step 3 Registration in this guide.

Schedule (TimeEdit)

Before registering you can access a public version of your schedule. The detailed version of the schedule becomes available after registering by logging in with your SEDU account on TimeEdit.

The schedule for the Autumn semester will be available at the end of June.

Learning Management System (Canvas)

Once you have activated your SEDU account, you can log in to the Learning Managment system Canvas.

Canvas consists of course areas for ongoing courses. In the course areas you can, for example, access lecture materials, submissions, information, schedules, discussion forums and evaluation forms.

Tool for online sessions (Zoom)

Zoom is the software used for online sessions at the Swedish Defence University. To get started, please read the guide at the Anna Lindh Library webpage.

We recommend that you start purchasing your course literature for your first course as soon as possible to make sure you are prepared when the studies start.

The course literature lists for the Autumn semester will be published in June.

Freestanding courses

Course literature lists for freestanding courses are available on the course pages. Go to Programmes and courses.

Your access card is created once the registration has been completed. You can collect your access card in the reception at Drottning Kristinas väg 37 at the earliest on the first day of the semester. It is also possible to collect your access card later during the semester.

Please remember to bring a valid photo ID.

There is no specific introduction day for the spring semester.

The Swedish Defence University student union represents you and your interests in issues relating to your education. Read more about the SEDU student union.

Welcome to the SEDU

Meet Mathis Dupas, international student at the Master's Programme in Politics, Security and War. Mathis Dupas talks about being a student in Sweden and at the SEDU.

Campus tour at SEDU

(In Swedish with English subtitles. Please note that our routines regarding library accounts have been updated since the video was published.)

Practical information

Here at the student web is where you find most of the information that you need during your time as a student at SEDU. To give you a head start, here are some of the things you might want to know about as a new student.

At SEDU, you have access to several IT-functions. If you have any questions, you can get support from our Helpdesk by email of phone.

The Anna Lindh Library is a university library specialised in defence and foreign and security policies. The library is a resource for students, teachers, researchers and personnel at the Swedish Defence University.

Find out what you need to know for your and others' safety at the Swedish Defence University. In case of acute, serious incidents/emergencies - call 112 for the police or emergency services.

At the Swedish Defence University, there are various kinds of support that can help you succeed with your studies and with your wellbeing.

As a student, you have the right to influence your studies and life at SEDU. One way to get involved is to become a member in the SEDU student union.

We have gathered the most important things you need to know when you are new i Sweden. For example how to get a Swedish Bank ID and a Swedish Personal Identity Number.

New in Sweden – what you should know