Student health services

As a student at the Swedish Defence University, you are welcome to contact the Student Health Services at Stockholm University

.The Student Health Services offers groups, workshops, individual conversations and phone counselling. All visits and activities are free of charge and your contact with us is always protected by an obligation of confidentiality. We who work at the Student Health Services are nurses, counsellors and psychologists.

Groups and workshops

The Student Health Services offers various workshops and groups with different content. The workshops aim to provide you with knowledge and tools to promote your health and your studies.

Through the Student Health Services’ group activities, you as a student can work with other students on a certain theme such as stress management, study routines, lifestyle and wellness. For more information, see the Student Health Services’ website.

Individual counselling

Life as a student can involve different types of challenges and strains, which can have a negative effect on your well-being and your studies. You are welcome to book an appointment for an individual conversation if you need help and support. If you want support in improving your health and living habits, you can make an appointment for a conversation about your health. All individual calls are booked through the web journal on the Student Health Services’ website. Available appointments are published every Friday after 08.30 am.

Telephone counselling

If you have general questions about the Student Health Services or questions concerning your own situation and well-being as a student, you are welcome to call a counsellor or psychologist during the phone counselling service on Thursdays at
10.00 -11.00 (08-674 7700).

You can reach nurses Monday to Friday 9.00-15.00. Feel free to leave a message if they do not answer right away and they will call back as soon as they can. You can find the phone number on the Student Health Services ‘website.

For other contact information about the Student Health Services in Stockholm, see the website.

Notification of illness

If you become ill during your studies, you should report in sick. This is especially important if absence due to illness means that you risk missing compulsory elements, or if it may otherwise affect your results. Read more about notification of illness at the student web.

National portal for student health

In addition to Student Health at Stockholm University, you are also welcome to use the national portal for student health.