The Swedish Public Agency (Kammarkollegiet) provides different types of insurance programmes available for students studying at the higher education level/third level education.

The type of insurance that is available depends on your circumstances, for example if you are an exchange student,or a student who pays tuition fees will impact your insurance cover.

To learn more about which insurances are available to you and what different insurances cover, please visit Kammarkollegiets webpages about student insurance.

Submitting a claim

If you have an accident during your studies, and if you are covered by any of Kammarkollegiets insurances, you need to make a claim report. You will find the form for claim reports on the webpage of any of Kammarkollegiets insurances. You can find links to some of them at the bottom of this page.

You may submit the completed form to the Student and Education Department at the Swedish Defence University:

Box 278 05
115 93 Stockholm

Insurance during studies abroad

Students who study or have a placement in an exchange programme are covered by Kammarkollegiet's insurance Student UT.

For outgoing or incoming exchange students without insurance cover according to student exchange agreements, other types of insurance through Kammarkollegiet may apply. Check with our international coordinators on what applies to you.

This insurance includes personal injury cover, and travel insurance cover and applies day and night.

If you go as an exchange student independently, as a so-called free mover, you must take out your own insurance for your stay abroad.