Study abroad

Do you want to improve your language skills, expand your international network and experience memories for life?

During your time as a student, you can spend part of your education abroad. The Swedish Defence University has partner universities in a number of countries and there are various forms of exchanges to choose from.

Insurance during studies abroad

Via Erasmus+ you can receive a scholarship for studies or traineeships in countries within the EU. Both civilian students and students on the Officers’ Programme can apply for exchange studies via Erasmus+.

Partner universities in the EU

At the moment, the Swedish Defence University has agreements that allow you to study at the following universities:

The Swedish Defence University's partner education institutions for officer students are:

The Swedish Defence University currently has the following partner education institutions outside the EU.

  • Macquarie University, Australia (there are four places available to master’s students a year). The announcement is made in November and contains information about the application process.

Through Minor Field Studies (MFS), you can conduct a small research project in a developing country as part of your bachelor's or master’s degree project.

Which countries can I travel to?

There are countries in all continents except Antarctica that are considered as developing countries by the OECD Development Assistance Committee. The Swedish Council for Higher Education has compiled a list of countries which you can travel to.

Officers studying on the Higher Officers’ Programme can study abroad under the Nordic Defence Cooperation (Nordefco).

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Study abroad
As a student, you have the opportunity to spend part of your study time at one of the Swedish Defence University's partner universities in the EU, thr...
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If you intend doing a traineeship in another EU country, you can apply for a Erasmus+ grant.
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Minor Field Studies
Are you soon to graduate and want to carry out a small research project abroad? Take the opportunity to learn more about global development issues thr...
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We offer exchange courses for military officers from countries that are part of the Nordic Defence Cooperation, NORDEFCO.

Studenter berättar

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