Rights and responsibilities

As a student, you have both rights and responsibilities. On these pages you can obtain information about, for example, student influence, work for equal treatment, and what obligations the Swedish Defence University has towards you as a student, and vice versa.

Influence your studies

As a student, you have the right to influence. This applies to both your studies and life at the Swedish Defence University in general. The most common ways to influence are through course evaluations, or through the student union representatives in the decision-making bodies of the Swedish Defence University.

Making a complaint

If you have experienced something you think is wrong or anything else you are unhappy with, you can make your voice heard by submitting a complaint.

Appealing a decision

If the Swedish Defence University has made a decision that goes against you, you can appeal. This may be about credit transfer, admission or a degree, for example.

Equal treatment

The Swedish Defence University has zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination, harassment and abusive treatment. Read about what is applicable and who to approach if you or someone else is a victim.

Cheating and plagiarism

What counts as cheating or as permitted aids? What counts as plagiarism? When you write examinations, it is important that you know what rules apply.

Notification of illness

If you become ill, you should report your sick leave, especially if the absence will affect your study results.

Alcohol and drug policy

Using drugs and alcohol is not permitted within the university’s premises. The rule against alcohol does not apply to organised university activities or special arrangements where the Swedish Defence University has granted permission.

Alcohol and drug policy Pdf, 134.9 kB.