My studies

Here you will find the services you may need in your everyday life as a student, such as the learning management system, Ladok, course syllabi and schedules.

Canvas (LMS)

The learning platform Canvas is used at the Swedish Defence University. On Canvas you will find information about your courses, information pertaining to you, and messages from your teachers.

Schedules and booking premises

You can find your personal schedule and schedules for other courses in the scheduling tool Timeedit. In Timeedit you can also book group rooms.

Course syllabi and course literature

Each course has its own syllabus and each respective degree programme has a programme syllabus. Here you can read what you will be studying and how teaching and summative assessments will be carried out. In the literature list you will see what you need to read during the course.

Course syllabi and course literature (in Swedish)

Registration, certificates and grades (Ladok)

Ladok is the study documentation system used at the Swedish Defence University. In Ladok, you can register for courses, order study certificates, see your grades and apply for degree certificates, for example.

Summative assessment and examinations

In principle, all courses contain some form of summative assessment, whereby your knowledge is tested. There are several different types of summative assessment and some of the common forms are a written examination, take-home examination or academic papers.

Pause or cancel studies

You can apply for either a temporary break in your studies (approved leave from studies) or to cancel your studies altogether (non-completion). In both cases, there are a number of things to consider, and it is always a good idea to talk to a study counsellor first.

Transfer of credits

If you have previously completed studies that you wish to have included in your degree, you can apply for transfer of credits.

Degree certificate

When you finish your studies, you then apply for a degree certificate. The degree certificate shows that you have completed your studies and confirmation of the knowledge you have acquired. You can apply for degree certificates in Ladok.