Transfer of credits

If you already have pass grades in studies corresponding to parts of your current education, you are entitled to transfer these credits from your previous studies. They will then be included in your degree which would mean in turn that your study time will be shortened.

You apply for credit transfer by filling in the form Application for transfer of credits Pdf, 323.2 kB.. There you enter the studies where you wish to implement the credit transfer transaction, and the courses they correspond to in your current education.

Attach the items listed below to the application, which relate to the courses you would like credits for:

  • Course certificate
  • Course syllabus including literature list
  • Other documents relevant to your application

Rules for credit transfer for education at first and second cycle at the Swedish Defence University Pdf, 538.4 kB.

Validation of prior learning by credit transfer

Credit transfere by validation of prior learning (not to be confused with validation of entry requirements for a course) is a method that means that the Swedish Defence University assesses, values and documents your accumulated knowledge, for example relevant professional experience. It need not only be knowledge from studies that award credits.

As a student at the Swedish Defence University, you have the opportunity to have accumulated knowledge and skills assessed through an application for credit transfer based on your prior learning. For such an application to be processed, you must have been admitted to study at the Swedish Defence University.

The purpose of credit transfer is that, after assessment and after a positive decision, you do not have to take a particular course, an element of the course or part of a programme; enabling you to shorten your education time.

What does assessment of credit transfere by the validation of prior learning involve?

Validation means that actual competence is tested against the content and intended learning outcomes of the education applied for. If you believe that through prior learning you have corresponding knowledge of part of a programme, course or module; it is possible to validate this knowledge in order to shorten your education. Assessment is made by a subject matter expert in each course.

You can apply to obtain credit transfer for prior learning once you have been admitted to the education.

  • The Swedish Defence University makes an assessment based on the documents you have submitted. In addition, interviews and self-assessment can also be the basis for an assessment. The examination of prior learning only applies to education at the Swedish Defence University for where you have indicated that you request an assessment.
  • An overall assessment is made on all the qualifications you have submitted, not only the formal qualifications from studies.
  • As an applicant you must be able to describe how the overall competence is a result of what you have previously learned. General experience is not enough. You must be able to give examples of how your competencies can be utilised.
  • In a decision on prior learning, your combined competencies and knowledge will have been identified and assessed against the objectives of the education. When these components have been assessed and determined; the result could be credits for a full course, part of a course, or part of a programme.

How to apply

Once you have been accepted and registered for an education at the Swedish Defence University, you should submit a validation application using the form Application for transfer of credits Pdf, 323.2 kB.

Fill in the form and submit it together with a personal letter in which you carefully describe the following:

  • The knowledge you have that you believe corresponds with the content of the education you have been accepted for.
  • Certificates, grades or other documents that substantiate the above.
  • Relevant knowledge and skills that you have obtained from professional activities.
  • Employer certificates from employers that can validate what you report. The certificate should specify the tasks you have had, the scope (percentage of full-time), the period of time with dates, and the employer’s signature.

What happens then?

You will receive a formal decision from the Swedish Defence University which will state clearly whether it is a positive decision (an approval) or a negative decision (a rejection). If approved, your application will be awarded a certain number of credits as a full course, part of a course or part of a programme. The credits are registered in Ladok.


You have the right to appeal the credit transfer decision. Information on how to appeal can be found in the decision itself.