When you finish your studies, you may wish to apply for a degree certificate. The degree certificate verifies your completed studies and the knowledge you have acquired.

To obtain a degree certificate, you must meet the qualification requirements. Your application is examined against applicable national and local rules. If the qualification requirements are met, the qualification is issued and the degree certificate will be sent to you.

Applying for a degree certificate

Apply digitally by logging into Ladok. Use your FHS account. Ensure your contact details in Ladok are correct before you submit your application.

If you do not have a FHS account/higher education diploma

If you do not have an active FHS account or if you wish to apply for a Higher Education Diploma (120 credits), apply with the form Application for Degree Certificate Pdf, 60.9 kB.. If you have transferred credits to be included in your qualification, you must attach the relevant decision documentation. This also applies to studies abroad.

Send the completed form and any attachments to:

Box 27805
SE-115 93 Stockholm

Qualifications at the Swedish Defence University

The Swedish Defence University issues the following qualifications. One semester’s study corresponds to 30 credits.

  • Higher Education Diploma (120 credits)
  • Batchelor's degree (180 credits)
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Military Studies (professional qualification, 180 credits)
  • Master's degree (60 credits)
  • Master's degree (120 credits)
  • Licentiate (120 credits)
  • Doctor (PhD) (240 credits)

Main fields of study

Main fields of study in the Bachelor's degree (K), Master's degree (60 credits) (Mg) and a Master's degree (120 credits) (Ms)

Below are the primary areas that represent the main field of study of each degree.

Main fields of study in the Bachelor's degree (K), Master's degree (60 credits) (Mg) and a Master's degree (120 credits) (Ms) at the SEDU

Main field of study


System Science for Defence and Security


History with a specialisation in Military History

Historia med inriktning mot militärhistoria


Law with a specialisation in International Law

Juridik med inriktning folkrätt


Interntional Operational Law

Juridik med inriktning mot internationell operativ juridik


War Studies


Mg Ms


Ledarskap under påfrestande förhållanden


Political Science



Political Science: Security Studies

Statsvetenskap med inriktning mot krishantering och säkerhet

K Mg Ms

Third-cycle subject areas

Third-cycle subject areas in Licentiate of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy.

L: Licentiate of Philosophy
D: Doctor of Philosophy

Third-cycle subject areas in Licentiate of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy at the SEDU

Third-cycle subject areas


War Studies



Political Science: Security Studies

Statsvetenskap med inriktning krishantering och säkerhet



Once you have applied for your degree certificate and the Swedish Defence University has issued and registered the qualification in Ladok, you are considered to have graduated.

Courses included in your qualifications must be at a higher education level and completed with a final grade.

A course that is part of a first-cycle qualifying degree consisting of a maximum of 180 credits, cannot be used in a general degree at second-cycle for the same student.

The degree certificate consists partly of a front page where the issuing date and degree designation are shown and partly of one or more pages where the names, credits, grades and grading dates of the constituent courses are shown. All the information in the degree certificate is given in Swedish and English.

The degree certificate also includes a Diploma Supplement in English. This describes the education and its place in the Swedish education system.

The degree certificate is dated with the date on which the qualification is issued.

If the application for degree certificate is complete when it is received, it should not take longer than a month, normally. At the end of semester and holiday times, the processing time may be longer, however, no longer than two months.

Before you apply for a degree certificate you must check that your name is correct in Ladok. Name information is collected from the population register, which is updated regularly. It is not possible to change the name on a diploma that has already been issued.

Then you can obtain a certified copy from the Swedish Defence University's archive, please contact the archive by email:


If you have questions about qualifications and degrees, please contact us by email: