Cancel studies

If you wish to terminate studies that you have started, you must file for non-completion.

Non-completion means you terminate your studies without the intention of continuing at a later date. We recommend that you contact a study counsellor before deciding on non-completion. With your counsellor you can discuss whether you should take approved leave from studies instead.

Notification of non-completion

You notify non-completion by filling in the form Notification of non-completion Pdf, 39.7 kB.. Please send the completed form to:

Box 28705

Non-completion and the Swedish Board of Student Finance

If you receive study funding for studies that you wish to halt, you must notify the non-completion to the Swedish Board of Student Finance.

Resume uncompleted studies (re-registration)

If you change your mind about non-completion later, there may be an opportunity to resume uncompleted studies. How this is carried out depends on when the non-completion occurred.

Cancelling within three weeks after starting studies

If you break your studies within three weeks after starting them, this is deemed as not starting your studies. You can then apply for the same course or programme again via

Cancelling later than three weeks after starting studies

If you cancel your studies more than three weeks after starting them and want to resume your studies, you must apply for re-registration. To apply for re-registration, contact the course or programme administrator at the department.

Remember that re-registration can only be done subject to space and resources.