Digital aids for studies

The Swedish Defence University has licences for a number of programmes that facilitate reading and written work on computers. The programmes are available to anyone studying at the Swedish Defence University.

You have access to the programmes throughout your study time and it is possible to download them on your computer. When you have completed your studies, you have to uninstall the programmes.

Downloading programmes

As the Swedish Defence University pays a licence fee for support programmes, they are only available for those who are registered as a student at the Swedish Defence University. Download digital aids (log in required)

Examples of available programmes

Stava Rex will help you with spelling and grammar in Swedish. For example, you can obtain help with:

  • Words that sound alike but are spelled differently (homonyms)
  • Spelling
  • Composite words
  • Quotation marks
  • Expressions
  • Spacing
  • Sequence of words
  • Clause significance

SpellRight 2 will help you with spelling and grammar in English.

Saida helps you choose the appropriate words by suggesting vocabulary while writing. You also get help through:

  • Warnings regarding words that are easily confused
  • Suggestions for the correct words when misspelt

ClaroRead Plus pronounces the words written, letter by letter, each word or at sentence level.

  • Voicing
  • Spelling control and layout change
  • Fonts and colours when working in Word
  • Scanning from the paper, PDF or other image formats

Remember that the audio files you create using speech synthesis can only be used for your own use, because of copyright reasons.

Resource room

A resource room is available at Drottning Kristinas Väg 37, with computers where more support programmes are installed.