Wireless network (WIFI)

The Swedish Defence University uses the Eduroam network, which is also used at higher education institutions throughout Sweden. You can therefore utilise your Eduroam account from the Swedish Defence University at other university colleges, universities and public places that also use the Eduroam network.

Connect to Eduroam

To connect to Eduroam, you first need to create a personal Eduroam account.

  1. Go to the Eduroam login page
  2. Log in with your FHS account
  3. Click "Get Eduroam Credentials" to create your account
  4. You will then see your login details

Before you can connect to the network, you need to install a programme that ensures that your computer, mobile or tablet has the correct settings.

Download the programme here and Install when the download is complete.

Then select Eduroam from wireless networks and connect with your Eduroam account.

Protection against viruses

A large number of viruses and other malware are spread over the internet, so think about where you browse when using the Swedish Defence University's IT resources; and have an updated virus protection programme on your computer.

If you suspect viruses or intrusion on your computer:

  • Stop all work and disconnect the system from the network
  • Contact Helpdesk
  • Document all observations
  • Track which programmes were used and when they were used