Print, scan and copy

You can print, scan and copy on the printers in campus areas when you use the Eduroam network.

How it works

You manage your printing in the print portal Papercut. You log in with your FHS account. Papercut has guides on how to print, scan or copy. The first time you use a printer, you need to log in with your FHS account. Following that, you can log in with your entry card. You must use the university's network, Eduroam, to access these printing services.


As a new student, you can print for up to an amount of SEK 150. When this has been reached, you need to pay for your printing through the payment service in Papercut.

Refilling print balance

  1. Log into Papercut and click "Add credits" on the left hand side menu.
  2. Enter the amount you want to top up with and click "Submit" (your user details are automatically filled in).
  3. Enter your private e-mail address that you use when buying on the internet and the postal code for your home address.
  4. Choose payment method.
  5. Read through and accept the conditions. Press the big blue button to complete the purchase.
  6. Once the purchase is completed, you can then return to Papercut.

Prices for printing

In black and white

Double-sided A4 b&w: SEK 0,50 per page (SEK 1.00 per printout)
Single-sided A4 b&w: SEK 0,60 per page (SEK 0,60 per printout)
Double-sided A3 b&w: SEK 0,70 per page (SEK 1,40 per printout)
Single-sided A3 b&w: SEK 0,80 per page (SEK 0,80 per printout)

In colour

Double-sided A4 colour printing: SEK 0,90 per page (SEK 1,80 per printout)
Single-sided A4 colour printing: SEk 1,00 per page (SEK 1,00 per printout)

Support and Service Advice/ Reporting a Fault

Do you need help when a printer is not working? Just get in touch with the IT Helpdesk stating the name of the printer.

Student fault reporting
08 553 425 45