SEDU account and password

To log into the student portal, computers, student e-mail, learning platform and other IT services, you need to use a personal SEDU account.

When you register for the first time your SEDU account is created.. Remember that user identity, your password and assigned authorisations are personal and may not be lent out or become accessible to unauthorised persons.

Change/forgotten password

You must change the password the first time you use the account. The password should be changed every six months. To do so, go to myaccount.fhs.se and log in with your BankID to reset your password. The same procedure applies if you have forgotten your password.

Students without BankID

If you do not have a BankID, you can visit the Helpdesk at Drottning Kristinas väg 37 or in some cases if you are a foreign student you can change the password with a registered mobile phonenumber.

Password rules

  • The password should be changed every six months or if it has become known to any other person.
  • At least twelve characters, of which at least one is an upper case letter, at least one is a lower case letter, contains at least one number, and at least one special character.
  • It may not contain three or more of the same consecutive letter.
  • It may not start or end with a number.
  • It may not contain part of the username.
  • It must differ from your old password by more than just the last character.
  • It may not contain words that are considered weak.

Loan account in the Anna Lindh library

As a student at the Swedish Defence University you can borrow books in our library with your SEDU account. Starting autumn 2020, students will not get a library card and you should not apply for a library card on the website.

When you have received your FHS account and password you log in to My loans from the student webs startpage and change your PIN code. Then you can borrow in the libray´s self service machines with your personnummer (Swedish social security number) and your PIN code.

Canvas (LMS)

If you have a problem with your login or obtaining access to your courses in Canvas, contact: