Vision and Strategy

In spring 2020 the Board of the Swedish Defence University adopted a new vision plan for the University with new goals for education and research as well as for civic engagement.

Vision 2030 outlines the direction for the Swedish Defence University's continued development in 2020-2030 after being granted degree-awarding powers in 2018.

- I am very proud of our new vision plan and the ambitious goals we have set for our University. For me they are an expression of the strong desire for development and the commitment that characterises the environment at the Swedish Defence University. At the same time, the world around us has high expectations that we want to live up to, says Vice-Chancellor Robert Egnell.

Deep commitment to developing the vision plan

Together with his management team the Vice-Chancellor has led the work of developing a new vision and strategy plan. The work has been conducted since August of last year and has involved employee input.

– I would like to express my gratitude to all the employees who have contributed ideas and viewpoints in workshops, surveys and in the final round of consultations. The different perspectives have been valuable and the viewpoints have elicited in-depth discussions and revisions in both content and structure, says Robert Egnell.

The project group has developed a plan for implementation

In autumn 2020 Vision 2030 entered an operational phase. The Vice-Chancellor appointed a project group under the leadership of Pro Vice-Chancellor Malena Britz to review the University's processes and the organisation of activities in order to identify what improvements are necessary to achieve the goals of the vision plan.

– We have been tasked with an extensive but very pleasant assignment to review operations management, organisation and our quality system in order to create conditions for developing and achieving our goals. The project group has access to thorough analyses which alleviates our task, says Pro Vice-Chancellor Malena Britz.

From the Swedish Defence University Vision 2030

The Swedish Defence University – a world-leading university in the fields of defence, crisis management and security.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Swedish Defence University is to generate and disseminate knowledge in the areas of defence, crisis management and security. Through research, education and collaboration the Swedish Defence University contributes to Sweden’s defence capability, total defence, national and international security and sustainable democratic societies.

Overall Objectives - Undergraduate Education

The Swedish Defence University’s education is of the highest quality nationally and internationally and is an attractive choice for the most motivated and qualified students. The University is the defence and security sector’s first choice when it comes to professional growth and lifelong learning.

Overall Objectives - Research and Postgraduate Studies

The Swedish Defence University is a leading national and international research environment with highly productive research of outstanding quality and relevance in the fields of defence, crisis management and security. Research provides the defence and security sector and the scientific community with new knowledge, and contributes to education at the Swedish Defence University being founded on research.

Overall Objectives - Collaboration and Service

The Swedish Defence University is a university with a fundamental aim of service to society. Collaboration permeates all aspects of activities. Our research and education are renowned in the defence and security sector. We are the collaboration partner of choice for the public, private and voluntary sectors for the advancement of knowledge and the provision of professional growth in the areas of defence, crisis management and security.