Scholarships and Awards

The Swedish Defence University annually awards prizes, awards, scholarships and grants to teachers and researchers, within the university as well as externally.

Scholarships and grants from the Delegation for Military History Research (DMF)

Every year, DMF announces between one and three scholarships in military history of a total amount of 200 000 SEK.

The scholarships are open to both PhD researchers with a military history focus on security policy and defence issues in general, as well as employees who have at least a bachelor's degree in the fields of archives, libraries and museums.

The Delegation may also award grants for the publication of military history literature and other sources, travel grants for research visits and active participation in conferences giving lectures, and grants for organising military history conferences, symposia or similar events.

More information about the DMF scholarships and grants.

The Hugo Raab Award

The Hugo Raab Award is presented annually to promote scientific quality at the Swedish Defence University and is awarded to researchers, teachers or students at the Swedish Defence University who have produced one or more scientific works of exceptional quality in the last three years. The award is 25 000 SEK.

More information about the Hugo Raab Award

The Siegroth Award

An annual award to military teachers who have demonstrated exceptional pedagogical skills. The award is 20 000 SEK.