Course Evaluations

Course evaluations and course evaluation reports comprise an important part in the development of the courses and of student influence at the Swedish Defence University.

Course evaluations at the Swedish Defence University (FHS) are used to ensure the quality of education, to improve existing courses and to develop new courses. It is important that the results of a course evaluation are analysed and discussed to promote quality and contribute to pedagogical development.

Mandatory for all courses

In accordance with The Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100) chapter 1 section 14, the university shall enable students who are participating in or have completed a course to express their experiences of and views on the course through a course evaluation arranged by the university.

It is voluntary for students to respond to course evaluations. It is important that course evaluations are carried out in such a way that high response rates are promoted.

The University is responsible for course evaluations

The Higher Education Ordinance stipulates that the University is responsible for ensuring that course evaluations are conducted.

  • A course evaluation must be conducted after each module.
  • The course evaluation must be sent out at the end of the course so that all parts of the course are included.
  • Course evaluations will be anonymous and in the course language of instruction.

The results of the course evaluations will be summarised

The SEDU is also obliged to summarise the course evaluations and inform about the results. All students, previously registered as well as new students, have the right to access the summary, including any decisions on measures as a result of the evaluation.

The Swedish Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance assign students great responsibility and significant influence over the quality assurance of higher education.

Access to course evaluations

The Swedish Defence University is currently working on publishing course evaluations on our website next to the course, meanwhile you will find them in Canvas.