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Charlotte Wagnsson is professor in political science since 2013. Her current research interests include political communication in the sphere of security, with a focus on strategic narratives. Together with Linus Hagström, she established the Narrative Research Lab in 2022. She has developed master courses on strategic narratives and on political communication with a focus on information influence.

Wagnsson has previously published on a range of issues relevant to European and global security, including NATO, security governance, the role of children in the sphere of security, the concept of responsibility in the sphere of security. Her research on security among European great powers resulted in the book Security in a greater Europe: The possibility of a pan-European Approach (Manchester University Press).

Wagnsson received her PhD from Stockholm University 2000 with a dissertation focusing on securitization theory and Russian political rhetoric and public opinion. She holds a Master’s degree in political science from Lund University and has previously taught at Uppsala University, Stockholm University and the University college of Gotland. She was guest scholar at the Western European Union Institute for Security Studies in Paris in 2001.

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