Cambridge Higher Education

Educational books from Cambridge University Press aimed at students in basic and higher education within most subject areas. Books accessible through the library are marked with the word Access in green font.

Please observe that it should say Forsvarshogskolan in the menu, under Access provided by. If it does not, try opening the database in another web browser.

Open Cambridge Higher Education:

Reading, downloading and creating account

You can choose to only read the book. You can also choose to read it with the options to make notes, create bookmarks and underline the text. To do these things you will need to register a personal user account. It is the same user account, ”My core”, that you use when searching Cambridge Books Online. You also need to register an account if you want to download and read the book offline.

Printing and copying

You can print and copy single pages. The printing and copying option is limited to 15 % of a book.

Reading apps

To download and read books you will need to install the reading app Cambridge Spiral. This is a free app. If you have an FHS computer the app will already be installed.
Cambridge Spiral:

More information about the application Spiral and its functions, like notes, underlining, hyper links and more: