Ebsco´s e-book collection

Ebsco eBooks is a collection of nearly 200,000 ebooks in a large number of subject areas.

Read e-books

You can read Ebsco's e-books online or download them in PDF or epub format.

Reserving borrowed books

Most books can be read by several people at the same time. Some titles may be limited to 1-3 simultaneous users. If a book is being read by another person, you can queue for it. You then receive an e-mail when the book becomes available.

Create your own account/bookshelf

You need a personal account with Ebscohost to be able to download books, make notes and save lists. Go to eBook Academic Collection (EBSCO) in the library´s database list and choose "More information about eBook Academic Collection (EBSCO)" and then "Create personal EBSCO account".


You can make bookmarks, crossings out and notes in the downloaded book. Notes are saved and you can see them the next time you log in to Ebsco.

Printing, copying and e-mailing pages

You can copy, e-mail and print a certain number of pages; usually this is 60 pages but it varies depending on publisher. The number of pages that can be printed is shown for the respective title under the heading "Publisher Permissions".

Download books

  1. Get an Adobe ID (How do I do this?)
  2. Create a personal account with Ebscohost and log in to Ebsco.

On your computer:

Download the Adobe Digital Editions software to your computer (if you have an FHS computer, it is already installed) and approve it with your Adobe ID.

On your mobile phone or tablet:

If you want to download the e-book to a mobile phone or tablet, you can download Adobe Digital Editions, but you still need an Adobe ID, or an e-book application such as Bluefire reader that you approve with your Adobe ID.

» Read Ebsco's information about e-books on mobile phones and tablets

Processing of personal data - EBSCO

If you create a personal account inside Ebsco's database, you can manage your personal data yourself, including deletion. How to create the account is described in the link below and in point 4 refer to "Personal Data Retention and Usage policy".

» Create personal EBSCO account

You can manage your personal data via this page. For an existing EBSCO account, use "Update My Account" in the top right corner when you are logged in. You can then authenticate again and then find the link at the bottom of the page.

The image shows the EBSCO menu in the upper right corner