Taylor & Francis ebooks

Ebooks in most subject areas from Taylor & Francis Group ( Routledge, Psychology Press, CRC Press and Focal Press). Books accessible through the Anna Lindh library are marked with a green symbol. There are also a number of open access books.

There are two types of ebooks accessible via Taylor & Francis.
DRM free books: unlimited number of users, can be read online and can be downloaded.
Open access books: these books are licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license and marked with a Creative Commons symbol. They can be read online or downloaded.

Printing and copying

There are unlimited possibilities to print out and copy but only for personal use. It is not permitted to further distribute it.

It is not permitted to incorporate material from Taylor & Francis into collections or compendiums but it is permitted to link to the material.

Read online versus offline

Most books can be read both online and offline, both via computer or mobile units. The whole book or each chapter can be downloaded as pdf:s. Use Adobe Reader for computers, tablets and smartphones.
Please note that books larger than 200 MB cannot be read online but have to be downloaded.

Create your own account

You can register a personal user account with Taylor & Francis. When reading a book online you can save searches, get alerts and save titles for you own book shelf. You can also use the internal tools in Adobe Reader to create bookmarks and notes.

Apps for offline reading

Use Adobe Reader for computers, tablets and smartphones. There are also alternative apps like Bluefire Reader, iBooks and Adobe Digital Editions for tablets and smartphones.