Applying for studies abroad in Erasmus+

This guide will help you apply for foreign studies in the EU via Erasmus+.

Before you start, you need to ensure you are eligible to apply. The entry requirements can be found on the Erasmus+ page.

1. Find out where you want to go

Start by ascertaining where you want to go. The list of The Swedish Defence University's partner universities in the EU, can be found on the Erasmus+ page.

2. Find your courses

When you apply for foreign studies via Erasmus+, you are responsible for choosing which courses to take at the partner university. The courses you choose should correspond to your level of study, and be approved by the Swedish Defence University in order to be credited in your education.

Also look at alternative options so you are prepared if you cannot take all your first choices.

3. Order certificates

In your application, you need to attach study and registration certificates. You can download the certificates yourself by logging into Ladok.

4. Fill in the application form

Fill in the application form. Word, 35.6 kB. Please send in your notification of interest to Send no later than October 1 for exchangestudies during the spring semester, and Marsh 15 for the autumn semester.

5. Information during and after the exchange

During and after the exchange, you need to do the following:

  • Two language tests online, one before and one after the exchange
  • Fill in and submit the document, Certificate of Arrival when you arrive
  • Fill in and submit the document, Certificate of Attendance when you return
  • Fill in the Erasmus Participant Report