Rules and opening hours

In order for everyone to enjoy themselves and have access to our training facilities, it is important that we follow our common rules and show consideration. Please read on what applies.

Here, everyone trains together

Students, course participants, employees and our internal tenants share the training rooms together. The gym and sports hall have no staff. Therefore we have a joint responsibility for our training environment to be as pleasant as possible.

Opening hours

The gym is opened for students on Monday to Sunday at 7.00-22.00. Military students and employees have a round the clock access.

Rules for training:

  • Bring access card. The guards makes continuous authorization checks. You may then need to show your ID.
  • No unauthorized persons may stay in the training rooms.
  • The Swedish Defence University is not responsible for lost valuables or forgotten belongings.
  • Please tidy up after yourself. Put back weights and leave no material in the gym.
  • Please show consideration on the premises. Use the music player with consideration and pleas come to the training rooms in clean training clothes.
  • If you are the last person, please turn off lights and turn off stereo when done.

Premises and equipment

At Drottning Kristinas väg 37 you will find a gym and a sports hall. We also have a room with treadmills and other equipment suitable for cardio training.

Workout with an instructor

During weekdays, several workout sessions are given where everyone is welcome. Among other things, you can try yoga, train your torso on the "mage/rygg" workout or sweat profusely on a spinn...

Changing rooms and lockers

In connection to the training premises, you will find changing rooms with lockers, showers and saunas, which you are welcome to use.

The Swedish Defence University's training clothes

The Swedish Defence University is proud to present its very own line of training clothes.