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Language Centre

The Swedish Defence University's Language Centre operates independently to provide language and communication courses to both military personnel and civilians within the Swedish defence and security sector.

We educate the Officer's Programme and the Joint Advanced Command and Staff Programme (JACS) in English and French and provide commissioned language training to employees in the security sector.

The Language Centre's activities include:

  • Language training in the Officer's Programme, the Joint Advanced Command and Staff Programme (JACS), the Specialist Officer Programme
  • Commissioned education for the Swedish Armed Forces
  • International collaborations
  • Language proficiency testing
  • Development and studies related to Military Specialist Language
  • Support with proofreading and terminology advice

Our main area of activity is the teaching of English for the Officer Programme and the Joint Advanced Command and Staff Programme (JACS), and other languages if necessary. We offer instruction in military English at various training units on behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces, such as SWEDINT.

We offer Commissioned Education and Lifelong Learning courses in English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, and Arabic at different levels.

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Educational materials

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