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Innovation, Defence and Security

Creating smart solutions for a safer world

The master’s programme Innovation, Defence and Security provides you with an understanding of systems with the capability to contribute to ­– or affect – a society’s defence and security. You will be able to study how these systems are developed and used, and how technical and social components interact within these systems.

The main field of study is Systems Science for Defence and Security, an interdisciplinary subject with a sociotechnical perspective that utilises systems analysis as its primary problem-solving strategy.

The programme has few equivalents in Europe and responds to a demand for a partly new category of professionals who support communication between developers and users of systems for defence and security, and that have the ability to study complex problems and opportunities from a systems perspective.

Meet our students

I found the master's program Innovation, Defense and Security when I was looking for the intersection between different areas of knowledge and a way to be "where the rings meet".

– Hugo Hedén.
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– I have the will and drive to contribute to society, to be a link between different “languages” and separate ways of solving problems so that problems and solutions can find each other.

– Filip Brolin.
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– If you are a person who likes having a helicopter view, who wants to understand how things fit together and how to develop usable systems, I think you should have a closer look at this programme.

– Max Güclu
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A unique academic environment

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