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Politics, Security and Crisis

Shaping security policy for present and future crisis

The master’s programme Politics, Security and Crisis provides you with tailor-made political science knowledge and insights into issues that concern security policy, crises and crisis management.

Master's degree in Political Science

The programme leads to a Master’s Degree in Political Science with focus on Crisis Management and Security. You will study international security policy issues, the transnational nature of current security challenges and crises from a societal perspective.

The programme provides a broad but also a deep understanding of how society shapes its security policy and ability to handle present and future crises.

The studies includes several scenario-based role-plays, war gaming, and also offers an internship at relevant government agencies, in the private sector or international organisations such as the UN, EU and OSSE.

"Honestly it felt a little bit too good to be true. Because I'm really interested in defence and I thought it was very special that I could study at the Defence University."


Jedidja van Keulen, one of our international students, about why she chose to study here.

Meet our students

I've always been intrigued by crisis management in big power politics. Moments where political psychology, public policy, and international relations intersect offer significant insights.

– Aino Esser
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I immediately appreciated the fact that you get both the civil and the military perspective during the security studies. It is two years and included an internship, and that was exactly what I was looking for.

– Annemarijn Kamp
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I'm super happy with the programme as such. The courses we have taken were very specialized. And the teachers... They are all at a very high level. I joke with my family back home in Växjö and say that all the experts you see on TV come from here.

– Gustav Christensson
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