Doctoral positions

The Swedish Defence University accepts doctoral students once a year after the announcement. At the moment we are looking for doctoral students for our Ph D Programme in War Studies; in Leadership and Control & Command as well as in Systems Science for Defence and Security.

The announcements are always published on the SEDU's website about two months before the last application date, which usually falls at the beginning of the autumn semester.

Available Ph D positions

War Studies, in Stockholm (application deadline 31 August 2022)
If you have any questions about the Ph D positions in War Studies, please contact Jerker Widén, Professor in War Studies at the Department of War Studies and Military History,, +46 73 394 37 95.

Leadership and Command & Control, in Karlstad or Stockholm (application deadline15 August 2022)

If you have any questions about the Ph D position in Leadership and Command & Controllers, please contact Erik Berntson, Professor in Leadership and Command & Control and Deputy Head of the Department of Leadership and Commando & Control,, +46 73 156 72 96.

Systems Science for Defence and Security (application deadline 15 August 2022)
If you have any questions about the Ph D position in Systems Science for Defence and Security, please contact Hans Liwång, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Systems Science for Defence and Security,, +46 73-622 19 74.

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