Woman embracing the future

Future career opportunities

To study at the Swedish Defence University is an excellent way of reaching your dream job in the security, defence and crisis management fields.

Our students continue with work in both national and international defence and security organisations. You will find our former students as crisis management experts at municipal and regional levels, as advisors in ministries and governments agencies, as private sector analysts in cyber security, as advisors in international humanitarian organisations, and with and without uniform in the armed forces.

Below, you can meet several of our alumni having found their dream jobs.

Employers are queuing up

Filip Brolin will soon meet a bright future. The Master’s programme Innovation, Defence and Security is a collaboration between companies, government agencies and organisations within the de...

Linda Ahlerup

Engaging in the fight against extremism and terrorism

Working to counter violent extremism and terrorism, analyst, Linda Ahlerup is employed at the Centre for Societal Security.

From military scientist to cybersecurity analyst

Already as a teenager Margarita Sallinen knew that she wanted to work with her country’s defence. At present, she is working as a cybersecurity analyst at the expanding Swedish company Palis...

Satellites, complex systems and societal security

A microsatellite that discerns how we can prevent the earth from being struck by comets – that is an everyday task for Anton Lomaeus. He is the systems engineer from Stockholm’s Royal Instit...

A Dutch in Stockholm

Annemarijn Kamp has followed her gut feeling throughout her studies. That feeling has taken her all the way from psychology studies in the Netherlands, via the Swedish Defence University and...

Internship at the Government Offices of Sweden

Hugo Hedén found the Master’s programme Innovation, Defence and Security while seeking the interface between different knowledge areas and a way to be where the “circles meet.” His internshi...