The Directorate

Directorate for the Swedish Defence University.

Vice-Chancellor: Professor Robert Egnell.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Associate Professor Malena Britz.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Brigadier General Fredrik Ståhlberg.

Head of the University Administration: University Director Ronny Modigs.

Chairman of the Research and Education Board: Commander and Associate Professor Stefan Silfverskiöld.

Robert Egnell

Högskoleledning, Vice-Chancellor, Professor

Robert.Egnell@fhs.se +46 8-55342768
Malena Britz

Directorate, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Head of Research

Malena.Britz@fhs.se +46 8-55342716
Ronny Modigs

Directorate, University Director

Ronny.Modigs@fhs.se +46 8-55342905
Stefan Silfverskiöld

Högskoleledning, Chairman of the Research and Education Board, Senior Lecturer

Stefan.Silfverskiold@fhs.se +46 8-55342850