Applying to a Doctoral Programme

The Swedish Defence University accepts doctoral students once annually following a call for applications. This call for applications is announced on the website of the Swedish Defence University approximately 2 months before the deadline for applications.

The Swedish Defence University does not process applications received outside of the advertised application period.

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for applying to a doctoral programme at the Swedish Defence University are of both a foundational and specific nature. Among other things, this means that applicants must have completed a second-cycle degree and have authored an independent thesis (degree project) in a relevant subject at this advanced level for which they received a passing grade. They must also present a draft of their research plan for doctoral studies. Requirements are specified in the general study plan for the respective specialisations doctoral programmes.

Recruitment to the doctoral programme according to the announcement includes acceptance to the programme, which also entails receiving a temporary position at the Swedish Defence University during the four years it takes to complete the doctoral education. Admission to doctoral studies in Sweden is contingent upon available financing of this temporary position.

It may also be that a prospective doctoral student’s employer covers their costs during the study period. In such instances, the arrangement is regulated through an agreement between the Swedish Defence University and the employer in question. For more information on this possibility, see ‘External Funding’.

Scholarships for doctoral education are not provided by the Swedish Defence University and there are no opportunities for distance learning to conduct doctoral studies remotely.