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Handbook for doctoral studies

Enrolment in a doctoral programme entails dedication to a research project that ultimately leads, under supervision, to a doctoral degree. The doctoral education includes courses and the writing of a doctoral thesis. The four-year doctoral education is regulated in an individual study plan.

The Swedish Defence University conducts doctoral education in the field of Defence, Crisis Management and Security. In this field of study, conditions and factors that affect the possibilities to prevent and manage crises, conflicts and war, as well as the establishment of security are studied. The field also covers further social and ethical aspects of defence, crisis management and security, as well as critical perspectives on established knowledge claims and practices.

The field of study constitutes a scientific whole, wherein the parts support both the whole and the components. It spans a range of related themes – from military tactics, operations and technology to military strategy, which in turn is closely related to foreign and security policy. The field covers both the military dimension and societal crisis management, international legal dimensions and civil-military cooperation. Three doctoral specialisations are offered at the Swedish Defence University:

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PhD Handbook

Sweden’s United Student Unions (Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer, SFS) has published a PhD Handbook. This is a guide for those who are pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD), in Sweden, as well as for those who are considering such a degree.