Doctoral studies at SEDU

The research environment at the Swedish Defence University is both inspiring and challenging. In addition to individual consultation with your supervisor as a PhD student, you will have the opportunity to participate in research seminars, conferences, and special activities designated for the PhD students as well as enjoy access to the Anna Lindh Library.

Are you curious, open and interested in immersing yourself in issues related to defence, crisis management, and security? Then graduate studies at the Swedish Defence University might be something for you. There is a growing need both in the civilian sector and the military for highly educated individuals who are knowledgeable about societal security.

The Swedish Government granted SEDU the power to issue advanced degrees in defence, crisis management, and security, strengthening efforts to create a unique research environment for this expert knowledge. Consequently, SEDU can provide a comprehensive educational experience for its doctoral students, offering course work, supporting research endeavors, providing supervision from senior researchers, examination of the doctoral dissertation, and issuing the doctoral degree. In addition, we have invested resources into creating an inspiring, creative, and solid research environment and by organising doctoral student workshops, guest lectures, seminars, and conferences.

An environment for exchanging ideas and perspectives

SEDU is a relatively small university and this creates a more personal and informal environment. A spontaneous coffee break with a political scientist, a Lieutenant Colonel, and a senior legal advisor could unexpectedly spark a joint research project.

One of the major strengths of SEDU’s two core subjects (war studies and political science with a specialisation in crisis management and security studies) is that they complement and strengthen each other. In reality, there are many situations where civilians and the military must work side by side. Therefore it is important to have knowledge and understand both perspectives.

Thus, those who study political science and are interested in societal security can greatly benefit from learning about the conditions of war and the military profession. Similarly, those studying war studies (for example, officers within the Armed Forces) can significantly benefit by having knowledge of civilian crisis preparedness and having a deeper understanding of foreign policy and security studies. Consequently, SEDU actively works to create a common forum by providing courses and running seminars where doctoral students from the different disciplines can meet and exchange ideas and perspectives.

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