International Law and Contemporary Conflicts

International law applicable to conflict situations is often at the centre of debates on contemporary conflict- and security concerns, but it is rarely directly or sufficiently addressed. This course provides an understanding of international law applicable to various types of contemporary conflict situations, such as state-to-state armed conflicts, internal armed conflicts and peace operations.

The course focuses on:

  • the foundations of international law, including the sources of international law
  • the use of force in international relations, including the general prohibition of use of force between states and its recognised and disputed exceptions; human rights in crisis and conflict situations, including the scope of the main human rights instruments in relation to various types of conflict situations; international humanitarian law (the laws of war) and its application to, and regulation of, international and non-international armed conflicts.

In relation to the respective legal issues addressed, the course addresses specific contemporary conflict situations in order to exemplify and contextualise the application of the law. Upon completion of the course, the student will be well equipped to understand and address contemporary conflict situations from a legal perspective.


Dr Carina Lamont is a Lecturer and Director of Studies in International Law at the Swedish Defence University. With a background as a police officer, having worked both nationally in Sweden and internationally in conflict- and post conflict areas for over two decades, Carina has a primarily practical approach to international law, and encourages methods that combine a theoretical understanding of the law with considerations of the field realities of international peace and security.


Carina Lamont

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