Theme: The war in Ukraine

Here you find a collection of interviews, articles and videos about Russian warfare and the invasion of Ukraine.

Our analyzes and articles below are about Russia's focus on non-military warfare such as deception, cyber warfare and various methods of influence, but also about how the war in Ukraine may affect the world order in the future.

Video: One year since Russia launched it's full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Three of the SEDU's experts talk about the run-up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, what happened in the past year and how they see the war developing in the long run. The participants speak Swedish in the video but there are English subtitles available.

Participating are lieutenant colonel Peter Lidén, military teacher and former defence attaché in Ukraine, Oscar Jonsson, researcher and lieutenant colonel Joakim Paasikivi, military teacher.

Interviews with researchers and experts

Confident in the role as a military expert in media

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine almost a year ago, Joakim Paasikivi has become an indispensable interpreter of both Russia's war of aggression and Ukraine's defence in media.

Oscar Jonsson, forskare i krigsvetenskap.

"We need to learn more about Russia"

Although Russia has been high on the news agenda since the invasion of Ukraine, Oscar Jonsson is convinced that we need more knowledge to understand and evaluate the threat from Russia.

"It is urgent to strengthen Sweden's defence capability"

Peter Lidén, who teaches military science at the Swedish Defence University, has frequently shared his knowledge in the media since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Articles and analyses

Train rails in Kiev.

The role of logistics in Russia's setback in Ukraine

Inadequate preparation, poor logistics and unrealistic planning are some of the reasons for the failure of Russia's rapid invasion of Ukraine. These are findings in a new study.


Understanding of urban warfare challenged by the Ukraine war

In a scientific article Kristin Ljungkvist analyses the differences between the war in Ukraine and the type of urban warfare anticipated and planned for by Western military organisations.

"We need leaders who see and care about us"

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyj's leadership style has drawn widespread praise. "He has a transformational leadership style", says Sofia Nilsson, leadership researcher at the SEDU.

What laws apply in war and conflict?

– Both Russia as a nation-state and Putin can be held accountable for violations of international law, says Jann Kleffner, Professor of International Law at the Swedish Defence University.

Why the Russian invasion of Ukraine is unlawful

Russia's invasion of Ukraine may be seen as evidence that international law has become irrelevant or, in the worst case, has completely collapsed. Our researchers suggest the opposite.

Younger men more engaged regarding Russian information influence

Men and younger people are clearly over-represented in terms of who consumes and distributes content from the Russian-supported news channels RT and Sputnik.

Spotlight on hybrid warfare

The anthology Hybrid Warfare - Security and Asymmetric Conflict in International Relations examines different aspects of hybrid warfare and hybrid threats. "With this book, we want to p...

Sweden negatively depicted in Russian media

There are great differences in how the Russian news organisation Sputnik depicts the Scandinavian countries. Sweden stands out and is described much more negatively than our neighbours.