Programme and Course Syllabus Master’s Programme in War and Defence

Course Syllabus

Master's Programme in War and Defence



Semester 1

2KR025 The Study of War and Conflict (15 credits) Pdf, 64.1 kB.

2KR030 Research Design and Methods, War Studies (15 credits) Pdf, 78.7 kB.

Semester 3

2KR001 Master’s Thesis, War Studies (30 credits) Pdf, 65.9 kB.

Semester 4

2KR020 Internship, War Studies (30 credits) Pdf, 67 kB.

Semester 2 and 4, examples of elective courses

1FR013 International Law and Contemporary Conflicts (7,5 credits) Pdf, 66.4 kB.

2KR008 Civil-Military Relations, reading course (7,5 credits) Pdf, 63.6 kB.

2KR013 Modern Peace-Support Operations (7,5 credits) Pdf, 63.6 kB.

2KR014 Special Forces: Theory and Practice (7,5 credits) Pdf, 63.9 kB.

2KR022 Proxy Wars, Interventions and Covert Operations (7,5 credits) Pdf, 64.2 kB.

2KR023 Gender, Security and War (7,5 credits) Pdf, 65 kB.

2KR024 Human Security and the Responsibility to Protect (7,5 credits) Pdf, 64.7 kB.

2KR026 War and Society (7,5 credits) Pdf, 64.2 kB.

2KR027 Reviewing a Research Field (15 credits) Pdf, 70.2 kB.

2KR029 When war comes to the city: Urban wars and urban warfare (7,5 credits) Pdf, 75.4 kB.

2SS066 Political Psychology and Crisis Management (7,5 credits) Pdf, 64.3 kB.

2SS067 Public Policy Analysis, Reading Course (7,5 credits) Pdf, 72.3 kB.

2SS069 European Security and Crisis Management (7,5 credits) Pdf, 213.7 kB.

2SS072 From Diplomacy to Deception: Influence through Strategic Narratives (7,5 credits) Pdf, 67.2 kB.

2SS074 The Sit Room: Executing US Strategy (7,5 credits) Pdf, 64.7 kB.

2SS076 Political Influence through Strategic Narratives in International Security, Reading Course (7,5 credits) Pdf, 64.7 kB.

2SS077 The Defence Policy and Military Strategy of the Nordic Countries (7,5 credits) Pdf, 70.9 kB.

2SS078 Environment, Risk and Security: Life in the Anthropocene (7,5 credits) Pdf, 68.6 kB.

2SS079 Political communication: Information influence as a security problem – reading course (7,5 credits) Pdf, 75.5 kB.

2SS082 Secret Intelligence (7,5 credits) Pdf, 64.1 kB.