As a student, you can log in to Ladok to obtain an overview of your studies. You can also use Ladok to collect study and registration certificates, register, see study results and apply for a degree/course certificate. To log in to Ladok, use your FHS account.

Your contact information

In My information you can change your contact details. Ensure that the information you have entered is correct when ordering certificates, or when you need to be contacted by the Swedish Defence University.

Current and completed education

Under the current education tab, you can access courses and programmes you have been admitted to or are currently studying. Under the completed education tab, you can see courses and programmes which you have completed. You can check your grades here as well.

Study certificates

If you need to certify that you are studying at the Swedish Defence University, you can download and print a valid and verifiable study certificate from Ladok.


Accessibility in Ladok for students (in Swedish)