Study certificates

If you need to certify that you are studying at the Swedish Defence University, you can download and print a valid and verifiable study certificate from Ladok.

Print certificates yourself

If you have an active FHS account, you can print a valid and verifiable certificate through Ladok. You can then use this when you seek work, studies or grants, for example. Employers and similar can easily check the authenticity of the certificate with a verification code.

Different types of certificate:

  • Certificate of expected participation (showing studies you have been admitted to)
  • Registration certificate (showing what you are currently studying)
  • Results certificate (showing study results at the Swedish Defence University)
  • National results certificate (showing results for studies at all Swedish university colleges and universities you have studied at - NOTE this can only be printed if you have an active FHS account)
  • You can choose certificates in both Swedish and English.

Verifying certificates

If you submit your certificate, the recipient can verify its authenticity by going into and entering your personal ID number and the control code at the bottom of the certificate. Your certificate will then be digitally displayed in Ladok.

If you do not have an FHS account

If you need a certificate but do not have an active FHS account, you can order certificates by contacting