Course Syllabus Concept Development and Acquisition of Military Systems

Course Code:
Valid from Semester:
Education Cycle:
Advanced level
7.5 Higher education credit
Grading Scale:
Fail, Pass, Pass with Distinction
Main Field of Study:
Systems Science for Defence and Security
Department of Systems Science for Defence and Security
Systems Science for Defence and Security
Language of Instruction:
The education is partially in English
Decided by:
The Research and Education Board’s Course Syllabus Committee at the Swedish Defence University
Decision date:

Entry Requirements

  • A minimum of 180 credits including a thesis work of at least 15 credits.
  • Completed methods course in Systems Science for Defence and Security (15 credits) or equivalent, with a passing grade.
  • English equivalent to English 6/English B.

Course Content and Structure

The course aims to provide the student with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve a deepened understanding of concept development and systems engineering for the development and procurement of material in the defence and security sector.
The course introduces the student to the main actors in the military procurement process through a series of lectures on each relevant perspective. In addition, the student practices applying methods within the framework of capability analysis, concept development, and systems work in group work settings.
The course emphasizes practical processes and methods for the study, development, and design of complex technical products in defence systems.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, the student is expected to be able to:
Knowledge and understanding
- describe how actors in the military equipment process implement concept development and procurement,
Skills and abilities
- apply key methods and techniques in the development of a complex materiel system,
Evaluation skills and approaches
- critically evaluate the development of a technical system from the procuring agency's, the developing organisation's, and the user's perspective.


Scope: 7.5 Higher education credit


Grading is based on a three-point scale: Fail (U), Pass (G) and Pass with Distinction (VG).
A Pass (G) on the course requires a Pass (G) on the written assignment and a Pass (G) on the oral presentation.
A Pass with Distinction (VG) on the course requires a Pass with Distinction (VG) on the written assignment and a Pass (G) on the oral presentation.
Grading criteria are reported at the latest at the start of the course.

Restrictions in Number of Examinations

The number of examination sessions is not limited.

Restrictions Concerning Degree

The course cannot be included in a degree with another course whose content fully or partially corresponds to the content of this course.

Transitional Provisions

When the course is no longer given or when the course content has changed substantially, the student has the right to be examined once per semester during a three-term period in accordance with this syllabus.


If the Swedish Defence University has formally decided that the student is entitled to receive special educational support due to a disability, the examiner may decide on alternative forms of examination for the student.
On the completion of the course, an evaluation will be conducted under the auspices of the course director, which will form the basis for any changes to the course.